The Plus 4 Audio Team
The people that make Plus4Audio a success

Meet the team

Stew Chaney, Managing Director

Stew started Plus 4 Audio in September 2001 moving forward from a very successful career as an in house, then freelance sound engineer and designer. He decided to use his 20+ years of experience to offer a new approach and equipment choice to the live broadcast sector. After the first few years of 24 hour days and the usual pain of starting your own business, things fell into place with the right people and clients. Stew is now able to concentrate on continuing the high quality of service and growing the company’s business and equipment base.

You can email Stew at
Tel: 07768 286171

Mark Ballard, Operations Manager

Mark has been with Plus 4 pretty much since the beginning, having decided, after 15 years, he had done enough touring and would like his bed to stop doing 50mph! As Director of Operations at Plus 4 he gets to oversee most of the shows and hopefully pass on a bit of useful information to the youth squad!

You can email Mark at
Tel: 07973 222466

Peter Lambert, Warehouse Manager

Young, handsome, dynamic, down there for thinking, up there for dancing kind of guy (all his own words), Pete is in charge of making sure everything gets in and out of our busy warehouse on time. He has multiple hats that we normally ask him to wear all at the same time!

You can email Peter at
Tel: 07787 258862

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